Refund and Cancellation Policy

The payments made by SBM member to SBM/Website by way of registration / membership / renewal fee / auto renewal is /are treated as non-refundable. Payment once made for SBM services cannot be assigned to any person/party or adjusted towards any other product or packages provided by Shubham matrimony.

SBM members cannot put the paid SBM service on hold even temporarily, for any reason whatsoever. Based on the tenure of paid SBM service and date of payment taken, the expiry of paid SBM service will automatically happen on expiry of the applicable paid package taken by you.

Privacy Features

ShubhamMatrimony offers you various privacy options to protect the details of your profile and decide who views and contacts you.

How to protect certain details of your profile?

You can restrict access to your Photo, Horoscope and Reference by protecting them with passwords and only members to whom you give the password can view your details.

How to block and ignore profiles?

You can ignore profiles during search in the View full profile section. Only paid members can block profiles during search in the View full profile section.

Will members know when you view their profile?

No, members will not know when you view their profile.

Why you must keep your login details confidential?

You should keep your login details confidential, as your profile is your responsibility and can be used against you if it falls into the wrong hands.